Thursday, January 25, 2007

Puter Repairs

So yesterday I take my computer into the shop because my back up wasn't working. They had no other computers on their desk. They were bored. They said everyone must have overspent at Christmas because it's very slow. I say "oh good, then I can have my computer back by noon" We all laugh... har dee har har

Then I wait. No computer for work all day. I go through paper files. I phone around 3:30 to ask how it's going. Nothing. They call me at 5:15 and tell me it's ready. I pick it up. They tell me everything is working fine, and only charge me 1/2 hour labour. I'm okay with the cost, I'm glad they were so honest. But why did I have to wait 8 hours to pick up my computer when they only needed it for 1/2 an hour and supposedly had nothing to do all day?

Next computer repair.... they're coming to my house!

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