Friday, January 26, 2007

Can you believe it's sunny?

We've been having a terrible couple of months with the weather in the Vancouver area. For many they might not pay attention, but my job is involves booking work crews who must be outside - so I am very aware of the weather. When it's raining hard, I now wake up and think about all the emergency calls I'm going to get the next day - that kind of thing

So you can imagine that having a full day of sun is uplifting in more than one way! And, I sure hope the weather man isn't teasing me because the forecast shows sun until February 2nd. That is so incredible, you have no idea.

Tonight, I have a crock pot full of beef stew to feed to JP who still has a fever and several cold symptoms. I guess that's his payback for going on a school bus with a full Grade 3 class. No wonder he was the only parent who went.

I just came back from walking the dogs and chatting with the neighbours. We're the kind of neighbours who barely see each other in the winter but over the fences while we're gardening there's always lots to talk about. A sunny day brings us outside. This years garden is going to be more about landscaping details than plants as it's now going into it's 9th year and many borders and wood edgings need to be redone. Stupid rainy weather, lots of wood has rotted. I won't be going too crazy, especially as I don't have a truck anymore and I am very seriously planning to move next year.

Plus I'm planning a vacation to San Antonio in April. I'll need to save up for that.

Now it's time for me to get a few rows of crochet into the red dog sweater. I'm more than half way done.

And let's cross our fingers that I don't get JPs fever and cold.


Carol said...

I can't believe it's sunny, either. It was so nice the last few days not being soaking wet after being outside for a few minutes. Hooray for the sun! Also, that dog sweater is very cute. Lucky dog!

My Little Corner said...

Oh I am so enjoying the sun. It does make life easier, doesn't it?

Thanks for the comments on the sweater. I've got to stop making them for others, and get one for my own dog, poor girl is stuffed in an Old Navy dog t-shirt that's not flattering at all!