Monday, January 15, 2007

Yes, we still have snow on the ground, and more is expected tonight. Bah! This is not Vancouver weather! I'm ready to pack her in! 14 storms since October? What is that about?

Cat tracks across my front yard (at least I hope they are cat tracks):It's not too often that we get 3' long icicles! All the buckets in my back yard are frozen solid! Usually we just get a bit of the top.... I should have taken more ceramic plant pots in - I hope I didn't lose any.
Anyway, I finished the 'rug' out of the mystery yarn: My plan is to crochet some sea creatures and make a bit of an ocean scene. I'll be using olive coloured yarn to make i-cord seaweed. That's all I've got for now....

I've been having a really achy neck and back lately. I'm wondering if it's a form of the flu.... but that's slowed me down from creating more things.

An origami butterfly - in hopes of spring:

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