Thursday, January 11, 2007

Isn't this sad?

I received this notice from a doggie supply store with a doggie grooming facility called SPaW:

Joey was dropped off at the SPaW on January 8th at Fetch North Van.
Her owner was to pick her up at 2pm and never did.
Her phone numbers were out of service.
We think Joey is around 2 years old, she is housebroken, good on leash, does not bark, good with other dogs and has a very sweet nature.
Please forward to anyone who may be interested in giving Joey a stable new home. Call Kelly at Fetch in North Van: 604.986.8302

So what happened to the owner? Just too wimpy to properly adopt out her dog? Or was she in a car accident? I sure hope there's a good explanation by the owner, but I doubt it.

Poor puppy.

And the sad thing is, this kind of thing happens all over. And not just to dogs either.


*Crochet Mom* said...

awwwww..poor puppers...
we got our pup a few months ago and love her to bits..i cannot imagine a person doing that :(

My Little Corner said...

I know! One of my dogs is 12 and the other is 10 and I don't even like leaving them when I hav to go out of town!
Your doggy is really cute!

Anonymous said...

awww that makes me sad..:( i can't imagine just abandoning a pet like that, how awful.