Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pretty flowers

Here are some flower bulbs from a basket my mum sent me for helping her out, a pretty hyacinth which should be open in a few days: and a pretty tulip, which will probably be open by Friday:

Self portrait of a woolen hat I just knitted for my mum, her specifications:

My dog really doesn't fit in this bed..... silly dog


Endako Jo said...

Love the toque. Art (my husband) saw it and now wants me to make him one just like it. A perfect little project to keep me busy.

My Little Corner said...

It is a pure wool, on a set of 4 5.5mm dpns, 24 stiches per needle, two knit two purl, then knit some stitches together at the top to shape.... you're very talented so I'm sure you've already figured it out yourself and wrote your own pattern! Post pictures on your blog.

Endako Jo said...

Wow. I'm not sure I'm worthy of such flattery. Not too good at just winging it. And Art is always making special requests. Like pockets and velcro patches to stick things (gotta love 'im).