Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Red Sweater Revisited

Remember the crocheted red sweater that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big for my mum's schnauzer. She lives in another province so it's hard to imagine the size of the dog as mine are sooooo much bigger than he is.

Anyway, my mommy redid it and it looks pretty good. She said "don't mind the dog, he just woke up from a nap"

Here's what she did: Unfortunately, I had to remove the lightblue wool, but there was not enough usable wool left to redo the edging. I undid the final row at the neck which was too tight and finished it with dark navy wool, then folded it down and sewed it as a collar. Now it fits over his head and seems comfortable around his neck. I had to move the armholes as they were too close, but that was no problem because it was crocheted it was real easy to fix and pick up stitches. This wouldn't have been possible if it had been knitted. I finished the hem with the same navy and I thing all it needs now is maybe his monogram or something. The crochet work is nice and even so the whole thing looks neat.

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