Friday, July 27, 2007

So I mailed the swap package to my partner in Belgium. $7 for ground (how can it go ground with the Atlantic in the middle?) $15 for airmail. If I want tracking - $48! Just to add a barcode? Yikes! That's a very big difference.

One person has already posted their photos and what they sent is gorgeous. Now I feel really embarrassed. I'm a little nervous to see the packages sent and received.

Also, I posted the "portable house phone case" on the craft forum too and many people have responded that it was a good idea - I'm really surprised it hasn't been done before. I bet I'll see lots now! Especially in the summer when people bring the phone out to their decks and stuff.

After work I did some errands, cooked dinner and sat outside. Came inside, listened to Sirius, updated my iPod and now I'm ready for beddie bye. No plans for tomorrow - gardening I guess. Or maybe I'll clean out a shed. Unless JP surprises us with a mystery trip.

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