Sunday, September 16, 2007

My weekend

Friday night, JP and I went to the Hula-versary party hosted by the incredibly wonderful Cynthia . It was an awesome party, I only wish we could have stayed longer - so that's a good thing, right?

Saturday, I cleaned out our 'linen' closet. I don't think there's one item in there that's linen but that's what it's called. I think I removed 4 large bags of blankets, sheets and towels which will go to the Sally Ann . There is so much room in there now. And I've discovered that I don't need anymore tea towels - over 45 of them! Wowza! The one thing that made me really happy was to put my sewing machine on the floor in the cupboard (same spot my mum kept hers when I was growing up). For years it's been so hard to get to that I rarely pulled it out. But now I think (hope) it will be more accessible, so I will use it more. I would have taken a photo but the hall isn't wide enough, so the pictures just don't work.

I added 24 rows to the lace shawl (12 row repeat) which I could finish at any point now, however, I feel that they are nicer when they are longer and since I have the yarn anyway, I'll just keep going for now.

I finished the Hallowig from Knitty. Doesn't this colour remind you of Kraft Dinner?

It's for my sil's birthday in October, but I'm going to take it with me this Thursday when I go to Alberta to visit my mum for her birthday.

If you want to see other versions of this hat/wig for fun, see this KAL (= Knit a long) and this one.
I haven't done much today, my headache's back again, must be the high pressure system moving in - it did rain today, but the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny. We're going to head to the grocery store today, JP found an Alfredo Sauce recipe that is based on the one from The Olive Garden that he'd like to try.
What did you do this weekend?


S t a c i said...

Your Hallowig looks GREAT. I've been tempted to make that, just to wear as a strange (but warm) hat. It does look like mac n' cheese.


My Little Corner said...

Thanks Staci. My sil lives in Alberta so it'll be cold very soon and I thought that since she loves Halloween and it's cold this would be perfect (plus her hair is strawberry blonde so it'll blend anyway)
Is it even cold enough in Houston for one of these?

Carol said...

I love the Hollowig! It's great. If forgot about that pattern. Good times. It was good to meet you at Cynthia's party on Friday, as well. Next time we'll get a chance to chat, I'm sure.