Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's talk about the weather

Yesterday it was rather interesting, in my area the snow was falling fast and the wind was blowing it everywhere, but during last night's evening rush hour, other parts of the Greater Vancouver Area had nothing. AT 6am yesterday morning, it was +6 degrees Celsius, by noon it was 0 degrees, and this morning at 6am it's -6 degrees Celsius. That's a big deal for us.

This morning, we have this: Here's a link the the BC traffic cams - scroll down to "Lower Mainland" to see how little snow there is out there - definitely not like way out here! (Do realize the traffic cameras are 'live' so the longer it is after my posting that you look, the more different it'll be. )

The daffodils and other bulbs were just starting to come up in my garden - I sure hope this snow isn't going to kill them off. And I am wondering what kind of garden I'll have this year because we've had more days below zero/freezing - and more consecutive days below zero - than we've had in years. That mean there may be many plants which didn't survive this year's winter. Gardening's always a mystery though isn't it? I'm usually surprised. One year I had tomato plants galore. I guess the conditions were just right in my compost barrel to germinate the seeds, it was wonderful - but the years following, I didn't get any. Unless I weeded them out . In my early years of gardening, more than once I weeded the good plants with the bad.

I'm thinking spring thoughts, how about you?


Big Girl Feet said...

I can't believe the snow!! How crazy!
My bulbs that started coming up in november are still alive and growing, fingers crossed this latest snow doesn't do them in once and for all.
I hope Jazz is doing ok.... :))

Endako Jo said...

Holy cow! The temperature dropped suddenly yesterday here, too (it's almost minus 30 this morning), but no snow. Crystal clear skies. We're definitely thinking about the garden. Might be able to start earlier than others around here because those tires are like mini greenhouses.

My Little Corner said...

Oh yes, those tire greenhouses seem to work like a hot damn for you! -30 is crazy!
BGF - I didn't realize the bulbs were still growing all winter - I thought they would have retreated during all the snow in December! Crazy.
Jazz is hanging in there at the moment. Thanks for asking :)

Carol Browne said...

We got a tiny sprinkle of snow that didn't stay. What's it like now for you? Is there still snow on the ground?