Friday, March 13, 2009

Dangerous Dog Breeds (?)

This came to me via email, but it is the best message EVA!

Warning: If you are an owner of a dog that belongs to a 'dangerous breed' category and you also have a small child please take this as a warning. Don't leave your dog with the child unattended under any circumstances.

Only a little moment was enough for the following to happen.

And whether you're a crafter or not, you must watch this video (thanks to Very Pink) - I insist!


Endako Jo said...

HA-HA-HA !! That kid and dog remind me of when I still lived at home and my little niece came over to visit. When things were too quiet we went to see what she was up to and there she was on the basement floor, with our old dog Duke (he was a boxer bull-mastiff cross). He was flaked out with his chin on the floor, droopy jowls flopped out on either side of his face. She was sitting next to him with a big piece of white chalk in her hand. She had drawn ALL OVER his head.....and the floor surrounding him. I wish someone had taken a picture!

My Little Corner said...

Great story - I just love that photo - that sweet dog just laid there - who knows maybe it felt good.

yes, it's too bad you didn't take a photo.

the most I've done is left lipstick on their heads from my kiss goodbye!