Saturday, April 04, 2009

A blog about a dog

Today is an exciting day for us. We've been talking to a dog breeder who's expecting her dam to go into heat any day now. If all goes as planned, we'd have a puppy by July.

So now you're wondering why today would be exciting, right? Well the breeder has set up a meeting with a 2 year old dog from her last litter, so we have the chance to meet a 'sister' of the dog we'll get as the dam and sire will be the same.

We're all very excited in this house today, wish us luck!

Here is a gallery of the breed.


Carol Browne said...

A Vizla! How exciting! They are beautiful. And full of beans. Back to those early morning walks, I think!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Carol.

Yes, early morning walks - but they won't start until this summer!
Although I should get out there on my own anyway, shouldn't I?