Thursday, April 09, 2009


Has this ever happened to you? Something that you once enjoyed just didn't tickle your fancy anymore?

For example - my love of coffee. I started drinking coffee in my teens and for years I drank a lot of it during the day in the office - maybe 5 - 8 cups daily. But, once I left the corporate office for the home office, it didn't appeal to me anymore. I don't think the two are related necessarily though, but there were times when the smell of coffee was completely disgusting. I did have the odd cup of decaf, usually after a restaurant dinner, over the the years but that was about it. Until recently. I'm not exactly sure how it came up, but we bought a french press. And some Tim Horton's coffee. And yum! I can't get enough of it! I love it again. Isn't that strange?

But also strange is my lack of interest for Blog Land. I know. I'm sorry to say it. I just don't feel like writing or updating it like I once did. I don't have the desire to read as many other blogs as I once did either - but please don't take it personally though, it's just me. I know that millions of blogs are started each day around the world and that millions of blogs are abandoned each day too and I had hoped that I wouldn't be a quitter, but after 3 years, I'm not so sure. Maybe I just need a break - not as long as my 8 year coffee phase, maybe just a couple of weeks? It's a big risk, I could lose all my faithful readers but I'm hoping you won't forget about me and will check back in when I get my mojo back. Don't forget about me, 'kay?


Big Girl Feet said...

We'll miss you in blogland!
But, see you on Saturday! :))

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

I understand about taking a break and I will be right here when you come back. I hope you aren't gone too long.

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bodalorna said...

I'll be here too - waiting patiently:) Enjoy your break - I so get it.

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Endako Jo said...

I can relate. I go off things and get on things. My latest kick is genealogy and I've been living and breathing it for several months now. EVERY thing else has been put aside, including my blog. I do feel guilty because I know I have followers and have had requests to update more often. I think of lots of things to write about, but just can't get my heart into it and then wait too long and the "moment" is lost. It used to be me that wrote daily and Art hardly ever. Now the roles are reversed. A big part of my problem is that I'm such a perfectionist. It's crippling. I can't just slap something together, but I sure wish I could.
Anyways, like your other friends, I'll be here if and when you come back. Enjoy your garden and summer and the creative, beautiful things you do.