Sunday, May 31, 2009

Popcorn Kibble

When I was a about 6 years old, we were staying with an aunt for a while and one afternoon I was happily playing on the chalkboard (I liked playing 'teacher' to invisible students) when my mom and aunt called me to the kitchen for a chunk of fresh coconut. Mmm, I loved coconut. So I took my piece and returned to the chalk board to continue playing. Except, I got my hands mixed up and took a bit of the chalk. Blech! I had to race all the way up the stairs to spit it out in the toilet. Chalk does not taste good at all. I've never gotten my hands mixed up again.

Fast forward to today.

I had a craving for some popcorn but didn't want to give Eco any and figured I'd throw her kibbles to keep her busy while I greedily ate the popcorn by myself. Let me tell you, my coconut/chalk memory was very much on the surface of my brain - there was no way that I was going to confuse my hands. It was hard work, people, but I was successful.

I just thought I'd share that with you.


bodalorna said...

Funny story! I also used to play teacher to invisible students (and sometimes not-so-invisible cousins/victims:) I even made my own workbooks from scrap paper. It's nice to hear your happy puppy stories - thanks for sharing.

My Little Corner said...

Oh you were smart! I never made notebooks - that's brilliant.

Thanks for the kind words.