Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy Party

The puppy party went well last night, she was one of the smallest there and because there was a timid little cocker spaniel in the group, they split us into a big puppy paty and a little puppy party. Later a 100 pound 14 week Great Dane came to join us, which gave Eco someone to play with and despite their size difference, I must say our little girl held her own when she needed to. There was only gentle play fighting but it was good. It's too bad the cocker just hid in the corner, too afraid to experience anything.

Eco got to meet the cat at the party too, but the cat hissed at her and was kicked out. Ha ha. No cats allowed at a puppy party.

They gave out goodies bags to everyone and, Eco won the door prize! How cool is that? What a lucky puppy.

When we came home, so had to have a bath because she had gotten pretty wet from Great Dane slobber, and then she needed a rest. Boy was she pooped!

And today, she is 11 weeks old.


Big Girl Feet said...

Awwww!! That sounds like a ton of fun!
And sigh.... I know allll about timid cockers, it must be a built-in cocker personality thing.....

Maybe Eco and Starry can have a little play date sometime soon?

My Little Corner said...

We would love to, let me know when it's good for your family!