Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time keeps on ticking, into the future

Wow. Just like everyone else, I'm finding time is flying by like crazy. Why does it seem to speed up the older you get? sheesh.

As you know, I have been super busy at work (like who isn't these days, right?) but I was stressing myself out. Yup, I was doing it to myself. No boss or co-worker was being demanding or yelling, I brought it all on myself. And the results were constant headaches and other health issues. Jp would tell me to not worry about it, but I couldn't help it. And I would get headaches in the middle of the night because I was dreaming of fictitious work situations in my sleep. I hadn't told anyone at work about our puppy and I was trying to make it though the work day dealing with a busy load and a gnawing/peeing/barking puppy (I work from home).

I was feeling so stressed, I even thought about running away from home and had it all worked out: I had enough money for a month's rent and I would take my car and the puppy and drive to some city in the Kootenays and start all over again. This resulted in hurt feelings because I would be leaving Jp behind - but I wasn't thinking of him, I was just being selfish. And intellectually I know that running away wouldn't be the answer but with sleep deprivation, headache and stress, who's rational?

I knew something had to change and as I played with the dog, I thought about it, and I had talked it over with Jp and my brother. And we decided to do a couple of things:
  1. Prioritize the work so I knew very clearly where things stood
  2. Call my boss and let him know where I'm at and how long it'll take to get things done
  3. Ask him to prioritize tasks on my list
  4. Keep a stopwatch going during work hours - stopping and starting for puppy breaks
  5. Ensuring that I took at least 15 minutes to do something for myself

And you know, I had a very good Friday at work. No headaches at all. And I think I even got more work done because I was better organized and less stressed; and with the stopwatch keeping track of the time worked, I could see that I was actually putting in more time than I thought - so my employer still got a normal work day from me. I'd better remember this lesson because it was a very good one for me.


Because of my headaches, my doctor ordered some tests just to rule out physiological causes, and so I was off to the lab for a bloodtest. A few seconds after I sit down, Britanny comes to me and asks if I'd let a student take my blood. I make a joke about always getting the students, but sure, fill yer boots. She checks my vein and determines it's an easy one and puts the needle in - but then nothing. She calls Jackie over, and Jackie makes a face. Jackie tries and mumbles something about a weird angle and then tells me they're going to have to do it on my other arm. Britanny gets stuck holding the cotton ball on my right arm so Jackie can draw blood from my left arm and then Britanny has to hold the cotton ball on both my arms because I can't. I feel bad for the poor girl and tell her it happens to the best of them and to shake it off. No biggie.

When I get home, I tell Jp who recommends that I never let a student take my blood and tells me how he refuses whenever he's asked.

What do you do? These people have to learn somehow and this is the first time I've had a problem. Do you trust your veins to a student? Would you take the risk?


Ah yes, in case you want to hear about our little girl, Eco.... can you remember the puppy days? I'm told it passes so quickly, but in the midst of it, it seems like an eternity of little sharp chomps on your fingers and wiping up pees in the house. I'm told to expect 6 months of house training/accidents - oy!

And our puppy - she's really a multi pet: sometimes she plays like a cat, she's got webbed feet like a duck, she chomps on your fingers like a baby crocodile, she runs through the yard eating grass like a cow and well of course, she's a dog.

I've been keeping a little log book on her, mainly to get her into a routine so I can get my job done during the day but also because she's going to go from 10 pounds to about 80 pounds within the first several months. Each Friday (she was born on Friday the 13th ) we weigh her and take some measurements, take a stamp of her foot and a photo in front of a yard stick - soon we'll have a photo journal documenting her weekly growth.And the things she likes and is learning (a sort of baby book but I'm not getting all wacky about it) - at 10 weeks, she can sit, lie down, give me a kiss, sit pretty and shake a paw. She comes when called only about 30% of the time.

Should I post photos? Let me know if you're interested. I don't want to bore you. Most of the photos I take are of her sleeping because she's pretty active when she's awake and it's harder to take a picture when she's running all over the place.


Carol Browne said...

I vote YES! for puppy photos! Even if she's sleeping. Puppy shots are the best.

Big Girl Feet said...

Photos yes please!
And you can beat the 6 months suggestion most definitely- not to toot her horn, but Starry was only 2 weeks for housetraining. :)) Just keep at it!

I'm glad you're doing better with your work, I was getting worried about you!

I've never been asked for a student to take my blood even with all the recent tests I've been going for. I would let them I think, but right now I bruise super easily so maybe not in this certain situation!