Monday, May 11, 2009

Donkey Puppy

I can't remember the last time I was this tired. Goodness.

And work is busy - which can be okay, except when you feel more like a donkey. There's busy and then there's busy. Right now the company I work for seems to just keep piling stuff on the donkey until the donkey breaks. And they won't grieve for the donkey, oh no, they'll just look for a new donkey to replace her. Well this donkey let her boss know today that she can't take on anything more.
The big boss man said he would make some calls and look into it.
The the little donkey never heard from him again but no more extra work came her way.
At least for today.
The donkey is grateful she has a job to do, but even donkeys have limits.

The donkey will fall asleep tonight without worrying about it though because she has a puppy to take care of now and work just doesn't seem so important at the moment, at least not the kind of work the donkey's been given.
The donkey's learned to just take one thing at a time, moment by moment.
The donkey's brother is jumping up and down waving his hooves in the air because he's told her to live in the present for about 1 year now, but donkeys can be stubborn and set in their way.
The puppy however, is helping her learn this lesson better than any person or book could.

The end..... at least for today


bodalorna said...

hee haw:) hope you have a great nite's sleep!

Carol Browne said...

It will pass! I know. I was all donkey for the past few months and suddenly last week, I got a break/reasonable workload. So I hope you get one, too.

My Little Corner said...

Thank you both - and the donkey thanks you too!