Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today we went for Eco's second vet appointment, she got checked out and had her 2nd set of shots - that means she can now go to more public places and meet other dogs, so we'll have a bit more freedom.

2 weeks ago she weighed 9lbs, and now she weighs 16 pounds. See I told you she was growing fast!

Tonight I'm taking her to a puppy party at the veterinarian's office, which I am sure she'll love because she loves other doggies and people too! And Labs love food and so I know she'll love the treats she'll get tonight, which will make up for the car ride which she doesn't quite enjoy at this moment.

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Carol Browne said...

Oh. Sweet. But 7 lbs in 2 weeks? YIKES!

But hey, you said you like big dogs, so I think she will fit the bill for you.

Pink...puppy...belly...AKK! Cuteness alert.