Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wonder where I've been?

I haven't been around much these days, I know.
Well, this is what we took home yesterday. (She likes the armrest of the car)
A 9lb 4 oz , 8 week old chocolate lab girl puppy whom we've name "Eco" (like 'ee-ko')
And someone doesn't like to be left alone - which we're trying
to change before my Monday at work is supercrazyhectic!
I've missed you. I'll be back soon I'm sure.


Big Girl Feet said...

Congrats you guys! She is soooo tiny and sweet!!

Anonymous said...

What a little beauty. I remember picking my own little Dakota up from the airport.
May she bring joy, and laughter into your home.

My Little Corner said...

Thank you!

SusieakaSue - I sure hope she brings joy and laugher, right now we're not liking the yelping/howling/whining she does when she's alone especially at night!

Carol Browne said...

Oh SQUEE! I feel another road trip coming on! Ack. Pupppies...they smell so puppies!

Congratulations, pet Mom! Have a Happy Mother's Day.

ACK. So. Cute.

My Little Corner said...

Well I have to admit - she is darn cute. About the puppy smell - I'm not so sure (?)- but I know lots of people want to smell her breath!

And yes, I'd love for you to meet her.

bodalorna said...

Congrats Denise - she's beautiful! And welcome back - you were missed:)

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Awwww Gosh! How sweet!!
You have been missed. Welcome back:)

Endako Jo said...

I've missed you, too.

I absolutely do not envy you the puppyhood (that smell isn't my favourite either, but some people love it). They are adorable to look at, but not so adorable to live with. But it is worth it in the end, right? I remember not liking Xena very much (sometimes not at all) when she was a puppy and wanted to kill her more than once. But now that she's grown....I LOVE HER!!!!