Monday, June 22, 2009

It was a dark and rainy week.... doesn't that sound like something Snoopy would write?

Things are chugging along, sometimes like a roller coaster - but not so bad.
- Work has been busy, it's more steady which is a bit easier to handle, even though they keep piling the work on. I just do the best I can, I'm at a state of 'acceptance'.

- Eco (our 14 week old chocolate lab) is growing! I take weekly measurements and she seems to be getting 1/2" bigger in circumference and 1" longer in length (from base of neck to base of tail) She is a good walker again (not pulling), and knows all sorts of tricks (roll over and 'hands up' are the favs). Her biting is getting less frequent and she's not chomping so hard. I still receive a tear or two from those razor sharp puppy teeth but that's from playing with her and it's more of an accident. Today, she has even settled down in my work room and took a nap like a big girl! She didn't go too crazy - she must be going through a growth spurt and needs her naps!

- I have done no crafting since we got the dog. This is in part because I don't have the same kind of 'spare' time as I used to and partly because I think I was on the verge of getting carpal tunnel (most likely from typing at work). Luckily I have no pressing deadlines.

- My garden is still a mess and Eco hasn't helped - one because she takes up much of my time, and two because she likes to run by plants and steal leaves - so many plants are looking quite sad! She also hasn't learned about flower beds and loves to run right thought a bed of poppies! She can also run through parts of the garden I had forgotten about - look at all that space under those trees! And I shouldn't have tried to compost my Japanese knotwood in my yard -because she's happily discovered the pile and loves to make me chase her (but we don't play that game!)

But I tell you all those little bumps - they were all forgotten on Saturday afternoon when I had a outing with Cynthia and Carol - they have no idea how much I needed that day out! Thank you ladies - you're wonderful! We had so much fun - and it was such a great escape to get out and laugh and forget about the mundaneness of it all. Are you still here? You are? How sweet of you to keep reading, you must have had a strong cup of coffee. And now you're up to date. Thank you for reading along!


Carol Browne said...

I had a great time with you, too. And I will go thrifting with you guys ANYTIME. I promise.

Eco is adorable. I can still smell her puppy head!

Big Girl Feet said...

It was awesome as always!! Any time you wanna escape for some giggles I'm in!!