Friday, June 26, 2009

Continuing chapters in the Bow Wow Tao

In the Bow Wow Tao, we're taught that you must have fun. And you shouldn't care what you look like. If you you are truly having fun, others will soon have fun too. So do what you can so you look like this:

...and then there will be a time where you must have fun with what you have. A pool (it doesn't have to have water in it) and a stick can be a great time on a sunny afternoon.

... and after all that fun and play, remember to rest. Resting is good and good for you too.

... after you have had fun, played and rested, it will be time to ponder and reflect on your fun before you start your next adventure.


Anonymous said...

So glad to find that the owner has as much fun as the nice shiny doggie. What a character! The doggie I mean.

Big Girl Feet said...

Excellent, I am going to put the Bow Wow Tao into practice today.
LOVE the top shot- she looks like she is having soooo much fun!!

Carol Browne said...

Eco is so sweet. I just love her! That top photo is the best yet.

I think I'll have some bow wow tao myself.