Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The little voice

How many times do I have to be told to listen to my gut instinct, aka the little voice?

When we got our puppy, the breeder highly recommended some trainers to go to, so I called on Monday to sign up for the next puppy class. He answers and tells me I have to speak to her, she gets on the phone answers a couple of my questions and then gives the phone back to him. I ask him how much the class costs and he can't tell me and says she's left. I can't get much information from him over the phone. Hmm, first twinge of discomfort.

The class is for 4:00 and I'm not that happy about that as I wanted Jp to come as well. In other dog obedience classes I've been to, the whole family is encouraged to go (especially for puppy training) so everyone trains the dog in the same way. But I go.

As I'm driving the 45 minutes with a small, young dog in a hot car I tell myself that I shouldn't do this - 4:00 in June can be too hot for a little dog in a car without air conditioning and in traffic that's either going to be stopped for road constructions (2 spots yesterday) or rush-hour delays. But I continue.

I arrive and enter the tiny hall. I stand around not knowing who is who as no one looks like the leader of the group. After a few minutes a women says "let's get you signed in". So I give her my name and phone number and she asks for a cheque, which I wrote out - but again something in my head didn't like this. I asked her how many classes it was for and she told me it was for the month. Wow! That was a lot of money for 3 classes. But again I continue.

I look around the room and see nothing but big dogs. This isn't no 'puppy class'. A girl comes over - not the highly recommended trainer I thought I was going to be with and proceeds to train Eco and I in the middle of the room while a man barks commands at the dogs and owners and they circle around us. O-kaaaayy.

Then he says - "oh [so-and-so] and [so-and-so] told me I should bring the fans but I didn't think it was hot enough. Oops, sorry, I was wrong". Meanwhile my hair is wet from sweat - and I rarely sweat - that's how hot it was! And it's not good for a small dog who just spend 45 minutes in a car. And they don't provide water.

So have you been counting? What's that - 6 times something inside of me tweaked? What the hell is wrong with me? I should have asked for my cheque back right then and there! Well, when I got home and told Jp about it, he was furious and let's just say, he's helping me take care of it. And I feel like an idiot 7 times over.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done stupid shit like this?


Update: Jp talked to her - she promised to rip up the old cheque and I'm to mail her a cheque for the first class only. I will try another trainer/facility.

And I'm going to do my best to remember to trust myself!


Big Girl Feet said...

That is so weird! I'd say you were giving them the benefit of the doubt in the situation and it's not stupid to do that at all. But definitely get your money back and tell the breeder that it sucked!
BTW the classes at PetSmart are really good if you're looking for another one, and inside the air conditioned building....

My Little Corner said...

Thanks for your support and I'll keep PetSmart in mind - thanks.

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

You are NOT the only one. Sometimes I just want something to work out so badly that I don't listen to the "little voice" and always end up regretting it. I hope you can get out of it and find something more suitable.
I mean they were recommended for pete's sake.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Barb - I'm feeling better about it now that I know I'm not the only one.

Carol Browne said...

Word. I've ignored that little voice in my head MANY times over. It's actually unusual when I do actually listen AND things work out just fine. Thanks for the reminder.