Friday, June 05, 2009

A new philosophy

As I've been hanging out with my 3 month old dog, I wondered if people could live like puppies. They definitely live in the moment, they see everything and their mood is either neutral or happy. They are not prejudiced, loving all people even if they don't have a chance of getting loved back. And all other life forms are interesting to them and need to be explored.

I'm going to call this philosophy the BOW WOW TAO. Are you in? Any followers yet?

I've observed my little girl, happily running with a stick in her mouth, stopping abruptly in her tracks to watch a butterfly float across the yard. As she runs by a flower bed, she makes sure she picks up a pretty yellow or pink petal that has fallen on the ground. And if she accidentally falls, she gets right back up again without ever thinking about how much it may have hurt; if she unintentionally gets her tail stepped on, she may yelp and then it's forgotten - it's in the past, no hard feelings towards the person who did it. When she sees someone she's met before, she runs towards them giving them kisses, like it's the only time she'll ever see that person. No complacency, no remorse. Life is all about the now and having fun.

I do realize that you wouldn't be able to sustain this way of living if you wanted to pay a mortgage or have a job, but like many philosophies, you integrate parts into your daily life. I will meditate on the Bow Wow Tao and let you know how it develops. Any suggestions?


Big Girl Feet said...

That sounds wonderful- I think you're on to something! I'm in!
Eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired, play when you want, and just be....

Anonymous said...

waWoof woo OOF woof woof
grr hru hru hru

slurp slurp slurp


Sure, I'll be a "pup il" of Bow wow Toa. all that sleeping and someone else provides the meals?

under there

My Little Corner said...

Hee hee, I've already got two followers! Yeah! Time for a treat!!!!

Carol Browne said...

Count me in! I'm now officially a bow wow taoist.

bodalorna said...

me too me too! ruff!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Oh, I'm in too!