Friday, July 17, 2009

Eco Update

Well folks, it's time for a Friday Eco update; she's now 4.5 months old and weighs 38 pounds.

Here are some photos:
She likes to stick her face in the water when she drinks.
Maybe it tastes better on the bottom?
(Can you see the water flying out of the bucket?) And she likes to dig in her water, I have no idea why
- there wasn't anything in the water. And remember those pictures I posted before of her in her bed?
Well look at her now, she barely fits in it!

Time for me to go out and enjoy the warm weather - what are you doing this weekend?


Big Girl Feet said...

Eco is such a sweetie!! Starry loves her to bits!
We had the inlaws & their little doggie here until this a.m. so now it's rest and maybe some powercrafting this afternoon....!

My Little Corner said...

Aww thanks! It was good for us too.

Enjoy your sunny sunday!

Carol Browne said...

I just love that last shot of her crammed in her bed. So. Sweet.