Monday, July 27, 2009

I took a couple of days off from work last week for vacation and boy were they nice! Other than the usual holidays, I haven't had a break from work. Oh yes, plus it was my birthday.

Jp took me to the yarn store for a shopping spree and we went out for breakfast and dinner that day as well. He gave me flowers and 4 knitting books too. Oh and the Coraline DVD which I have been dying to get. We went out and played mini golf and air hockey too. I received lots of phone calls of well wishes and even received several cards in the mail! I was so pleased that so many people are so thoughtful - so very nice. And wonderful and thoughtful gifts as well. I'll post photos later once I catch up on some more work.

And if you live in Canada, I'm sure you haven't escaped the 'weather conversation'. What's going on out there - flooding in Ontario, extreme heat in BC, thunderstorms in Alberta? It's just crazy.

Yesterday it was a warm and muggy 28 degrees. Humidity was 88%. When I had to leave the house to go outside, the mugginess would hit me. You know what it was like? Walking into a tropical fish store, or the Amazon Gallery at the Vancouver Aquarium! Blah. I don't like that kind of heat!

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