Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Medicine Bowl & Canada Day

I haven't had a cold or been sick for almost two years but the kid was sick when he came over last Thursday and the doctor said that he's seen a lot of sick kids during the last week of school, so I guess I got to be part of that elite group and picked myself up a cold.

Yup - nice hot sunny weather and I'm in bed with a cold. But it wasn't just a normal cold, I also had a fever for a bit and SEVERE back pain.

So how does one deal with it? With this - the MEDICINE BOWL!
Jp kindly went to the store for me and picked up practically one of everything to ensure my speedy recovery. And I tell you, I do not attempt to get through the day without the Daytime Cold Formula - it's a must!

I'm getting better now and I am so grateful because I was only in bed for 2 days. Yesterday I was so happy that I made it the whole day without needing a nap and I feel so much better today. It must be so hard for people that are sick for longer periods of time. Poor them! A speedy recovery to you all wherever you are!


Hey! Did you have a nice Canada Day?

Because the kid and I were both still recovering we hung around and played in the kiddie pool with the dog and even had the neighbour's dog over for a play date. I cooked a beer can chicken on the grill which turned out really good (nice and juicy) - thanks to the one-on-one coaching session from my brother. He should really open a cooking hotline! We also had pita bread, tzatziki, greek salad and olives. What? I don't know how that happened, but our Canada Day dinner was GREEK! Oh us crazy canucks, eh?!


Carol Browne said...

Glad you're feeling better. I think it's Eco and the pool that contributed to your speedy recovery.

My Little Corner said...

thanks Carol - yup, maybe that was it!