Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to school clothes

This weekend, in what started out to be a shopping quest for shirts for JP, actually turned out to be a shopping trip for me! And I got some great deals - three pairs of "dress/casual" pants - for $9 each! Yup! That's right. And yoga pants for $15! Whee!! Bargoons for me! Yay!

I also got a pair of funky rain boots - they'll make splashing in puddle so much more fun!
(They weren't a bargain, but they were
on sale and they were so
cute I couldn't resist!)

And even though I'm not going to school, it sure would be fun to pick up some new pencils and binders and.... I always feel September is more of a new year than January, and I'm apt to start new things and make promises to my self in September rather than in January.

And one more thing I did - or rather, didn't do - was I didn't turn my computer on all day yesterday - no internet, no email. I took a break. It wasn't actually "a thing", it just happened that way. And when I realized about 8pm last night that I hadn't been near the computer I started to think that I should, just in case something happened, but then I realized I'd made it through the whole day-surely anything could wait until the morning and if there was any earth shattering news I'm sure I would have heard about it some how. And there wasn't - and now I'm glad I had a one day break - maybe I should try that every Sunday. What do you think?

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Carol Browne said...

Those boots are cool. Love 'em! And I'm also with you...Fall totally feels like new year to me, too. I'm on a feng shui kick at the moment and fall is a good time to de-clutter, apparently.

No internet for the whole day? *shudder*. No way. Next thing you'll suggest is no TV for a day. EEEK!!!