Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time for Dream Interpretation

If you feel like reading a story and you feel like analyzing, then read about my dream from last night and tell me what you think:

I was working in a cubicle with a guy and there was a live event that we were preparing for – with lots of pressure to get it right as the eyes of the world would be watching. He seemed to know very well what we were to do, and I felt rather helpless and wondered why I was even there.

I went to the bathroom – but there was problem with the door and privacy. (This is a recurring theme in my dreams-and I also actually had to go to the bathroom)

Next I took a lunch break – I started walking down the city streets with a long winter coat and some plastic lunch containers. I came to an area where there was to be some sort of religious gathering/rally and thought I’d better get out of the area in case I was held up and couldn’t be late getting back to work. I took side streets as I worked my way back to the office. I was under pressure to return to work on time and knew I couldn’t be late and leave my partner to handle this afternoon’s task alone. Every time I tried to speed things up and get there faster, it always turned out take longer or put me even farther away from the office. Several times I’d put down my things and readjust all that I was carrying. Next I was on a beautiful pedestrian bridge but realized it was taking me in the wrong direction again. I crossed the street and headed back. I had to go through some doors where I took saw an elevator, it had a name on the button (not a floor) and I pushed the location thinking it would be a short cut – when the doors opened one floor up there was a cab waiting with a door open so I hopped in. There were several people already and they were all having a conversation. The fare was around $55 when I got in. I just wanted to go a few blocks and so I pulled out a $5 bill. A young woman asked for the fair box and asked the cab driver to make it for 2 hours. She had been telling a wonderful life lesson type of story. Shortly afterward the cab stopped and everyone got out. I handed the young woman my $5 and instantly regretted it feeling it wasn’t enough, she took it without any reaction. Everyone was leaving the cab as if they had learned a great new way to look at their lives. The young woman told then us we should read the book “The Head Coach” and everyone nodded there heads as if they were promising to read the book immediately. As I gathered all my lunch containers and a stack of books and left the cab, the cab driver turned to me (and now it was Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book:
Eat, Pray, Love) and she said “and that’s why after my parents divorced I always made sure I said ‘I love you’ to my family”

When I woke up, I realized that as I walked, my load grew – first I was trying to hold more and more lunch containers and by the end I was also carrying my coat and a stack of books. Do you think this dream is a prophetic one, or jump a jumble of random thoughts that roll around in my sleepy brain?

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Anonymous said...

It is a case of recent visual and other inputs that get stored in short term memory and then it re-stores them into long term memory. I always see it as a big filing cabinet. It opens drawers and files snippets away, but in your head the images appear again and this becomes a very confusing dream. I don't think that, unless you know yourself to be psychic, that dreams have any specific meaning. I think they are meant to be forgotten unless they become persistently occurring and then you may want to ask a professional. Anybody that claims they can interpret dreams are mostly charlatans. How could they know what you have been seeing on TV, reading in a book or talking about with friends and family? That's really what makes up all the snippets that have to be filed away.Those are dreams. Little paper cuttings, like what you see in a shredder.