Monday, September 14, 2009

What's in a name?

From the "What were they thinking?" department ....

There is a reason there are experts becauses they are, well, just that- experts. Some people should not choose their own company name or make their own signs. I found this one while walking the dog - Reckless Roofing:
Nothing says "reliable, quality work" like the word "reckless".

And hmmm, how many roofers have burned down houses or buildings? Let me think..... oh yes, LOTS! So maybe flames on a roof top aren't a good graphic idea either!!!!!



Carol Browne said...

I LOVE that the roof is on fire. That's even better than the reckless part for me. Guys just up on your roof lighting that stinky tar stuff on fire! Quality roofing graphics.

Big Girl Feet said...

LOL! We saw that sign the other day too on Cedar and wondered what the....!?

My Little Corner said...

BGF - oh yeah? that's funny!