Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

(creative title isn't it?)

Because we wanted to include the kid for dinner this weekend, the only night we could do it was Friday night. And you know, that actually worked our really well. I took the afternoon off from work and had a nice leisurely time putting together all the food and now for the rest of the weekend, we've been eating from the leftovers. No pressure - well unless you see the menu I was supposed to make.

Here's what the kid wrote for me:

That was written by an (almost) 11 year old - do you think at 11 you could have written a dinner menu? I don't think I could have. Because of time constraints I couldn't make every thing and some things are actually for breakfast (like meat chips - a Jp invention) but it's still a pretty good selection. (FYI - "Opa" is for toasts - a little game we play during holiday dinners, yelling the word to clink glasses when he least expects it - he loves it and can't wait to yell the word for us). Oh, and the 'chi chi' is virgin of course - just pineapple, coconut and crushed ice.

Hope all my Canadian friends are having a great Thanksgiving weekend and enjoying the loverly weather -especially since it's supposed to rain from the 13th to the 22nd! Oy!

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