Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gutters - yuck!

Sometimes, even though we think we're the ones in control - we realize we're not.

For example today's forecast for "RAINFALL WARNING - AT TIMES HEAVY" meant that I could no longer delay the cleaning of the gutters - so that's what I did before work today.

Yup. I did. I wasn't up to me.

Cars are the same way - they are more in control of us than we like to think. Just ask a driver who has one that likes to breakdown! But I'm not saying anything, don't want to jinx anything, my little Heidi* has been good to me.

*Do you have a name for your car, or am I just weird?


Carol Browne said...

Nope. We don't have a name for this car. But way to go! And clean those gutters!

Big Girl Feet said...

Norm did our gutters today while I was out craft spa-ing- we came home to him telling us he got stuck up on the roof when the hose he was using to spray down/clean out the downspouts got caught on the ladder & the whole thing fell over leaving him stranded on the roof! Luckily he got down over on the side little roof where it's low enough to jump onto then onto the fence then down.

Although I don't I have my own car, I call our truck "The Big Red Truck". Not very unique but it gets the point across- LOL!

My Little Corner said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad that ended well!
"The Big Red Truck" makes me think of "Clifford, the big red dog"!

bodalorna said...

our car right now is just "little blue" sometimes, but we've also owned a "blueberry muffin" and "karmi". We did our roof a couple of weeks ago - first time!

My Little Corner said...

Karmi is a cute name....
Roofs are never fun are they?