Sunday, November 01, 2009

Daylight savings - dogs don't know it

The newscasters keep saying 'turn your clocks back, you'll all get an extra hour of sleep'. I see it in the newspapers too. "one hour extra sleep" "more sleep for you" "you get to sleep in"

Okay, I don't know where they live - I sleep 8 hours, no matter what time it is. Nothing extra.

And these people obviously don't have dogs!

My last dog, Jazz, had the best internal clock ever! She knew precisely when it was time to eat (11 hours after her last meal), precisely when it was 6:00am - time for me to get up. When it was 10:30-time for me to give her a chewie bone. When it was 3:30 - time for her walk. When it was 7:30p- time to go inside for the night (when it was summer, I'd stay out in the garden and she'd be with me until that time, then she'd be hanging around the door - I'd let her in, she'd go to her bed and I could return to the garden).

Now Eco doesn't have a clue when it's time to eat (always!) or when it's time for a walk (always!), when it's time for a chewey bone (always!) or when it's time to come in or out (always!) but she can only sleep about 8 hours too. And so, at 5:00am she was up. Dang, I guess I'll sleep on the floor for an hour - except once my brain started to wake up, I realized it used to be 6:00am and she and I are right on schedule.

No extra sleep for us. Daylight savings - dogs don't know it.


Amy said...

i kind of wish it was the same season for us, I love autumn and i'm not looking forward to summer at all.

My Little Corner said...

You're right. As much as love the sun and heat, there's something about autumn isn't there?

Carol Browne said...

I totally sleep the extra hour. Hmmmm...and then some! :-)

My Little Corner said...

well then Carol you're lucky! Enjoy that sleep!