Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween was good

Well Halloween night was pretty good. It's a bit disappointing for the kids when about 60% of the homes weren't giving out candy, that's a lot of walking they've got to do just to get something. And many houses don't make it too clear that they are giving out candy. Basically if a light is on, and there was some sort of Halloween decoration, we'd give it a try. One house had a pumpkin - that's it, and it wasn't even carved, but they were giving out the candies!

And thank you to all the people who did such awesome decoration jobs! There were many homes that included light and sound and I can tell you from being on the street last night that the kids loved it and talked about it. Many people had been buying, building and planning their decorations for weeks. All your efforts were worth it.

And another great thing about last night? The full moon - and at times the clouds rolled across it just perfectly to look like all the scary images we're used to for Halloween. Very fun.

What wasn't great this weekend, was the party our neighbours threw the night before. Man, I think I was having an anxiety attack because of all the firecrackers in our yard, right outside our bedroom window, late at night. If it hadn't have been raining so hard, I'm sure something would have caught on fire! In the morning I went around my yard and collected a baggie full of the firecrackers casings - don't want my puppy to chew on that! I was very unhappy with them - I only had 5 hours sleep. However when I returned from dog walking Saturday afternoon, my neighbour came out and asked if I was mad at them, and I told her I was. She apologized, said it was her husband's 30th birthday and some people they didn't even invite had the firecrackers and they had to kick those people out. Well shucks, why didn't you say so? Situation all better now.

And finally, I must say - after years and years of dreading Halloween because of Jazz's severe noise phobia, it was so nice to have a happy dog who just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone who knocked on the door, and couldn't care less about all the house rattling bangs! From now on, I'll always own a gun dog (well probably not, but anyway).

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Halloween.
A special shout-out to Cynthia and Norm as it was their 12th Anniversary yesterday- Congratulations!


Big Girl Feet said...

Awww thanks!!!
And I'm so glad you guys had a great Halloween, & despite the noisy neighbours the night before- perhaps it was ours visiting over there as they were unusually quiet and not even outside for a change! We got quite a few kids, and 2 at the end collecting canned food which was pretty cool.
ps how did Eco's doggy costume party go?

My Little Corner said...

Oh you're welcome!

Yes, maybe it was your neighbours over here!

The costume party went well thanks. Eco was the only one who kept her costume on - all the others had to get rid of it right away! I'm hoping to get copies of photos soon! Thanks for asking!