Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December's a good time for a swim, no?

I was off work last Friday and was playing with Eco in the yard. My neighbour has an 8month old lab/shepherd cross who very much wanted to play too so she stood with her feet on the top of the fence board wagging her tail and barking when all of a sudden the board popped off the fence and she was loose in my yard. Eco and Ellie had a grand time running and playing but after a bit I thought I'd better call the neighbour to come and get his dog, which he did. And then he fixed the board.

I then went about my business doing some winter pruning when about a minute later I realized that Eco was missing, so I went to the fence to look in the neighbour's yard and sure enough she was now in their yard! And she looked very wet. Hmm, a little too wet for just running under the bushes but didn't think too much of it. I lifted her over the fence and set her down in my yard. 1-2-3- over the fence she flew, in seconds! I had no idea she could jump that high and that fast. The neighbour came out again and told me Eco took a swim in their fish pond. YUCK! The fish were okay and the neighbour was fine, in fact he picked up Eco for me and handed her to me over the fence. We then set about resolving our fence issue with some plastic snow fencing. It'll do the trick for now but not for long!

And by the time I gave Eco a bath (she can't walk around with stinky fish water in her fur) a good portion of my day off was already used up. The things we do for our dogs!

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Carol Browne said...

Stinky fish water! Blech! I'll bet Eco loved it, though. Dogs do seem to love it the stinkier, the better.