Sunday, December 13, 2009

Modern Day Grinch

You know what's cruel?

Taking away a girl's credit card on December 13th (just 12 days before Christmas).

Yup, my card number has been compromised and it's been cancelled. I'm sure hoping it won't take too long for a replacement to arrive and luckily I don't rely too heavily on it for Christmas shopping, but sheesh! The good news is, the fraudulent purchases were spotted early by the credit card company and I haven't suffered a huge loss - now that would be a bad Christmas. I'll still have to go through the work of notifying several companies that use that card for automatic payments; we never get to just walk away do we?

My suspicion? I last used that card in the parkade at the Vancouver Airport because the machine wasn't working properly and wouldn't take my cash. Good one - lots of people around to alter the machine. Lots of people in a hurry, lots of people who aren't familiar with the environment. But realistically it could have been lots of places and could have been taken several weeks ago even - I'll never know.

Here's hoping your holiday season is going well for you and yours. And keep an eye on those cards!

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Big Girl Feet said...

Aww no!! That's crappy! But I'm glad it's sorted. :))