Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 bags full

On Saturday, I purged.
Oh no, not like that!

I got rid of four bags of magazines(one bag isn't in the photo, I know), and three full bags of clothes - just in case you want photos.... I must say I won't miss those magazines, and I'm so happy I can find more of my clothes and access my closet better. I'm sure I won't miss those clothes either. Some I had kept too long, like the office clothes from when I was thin and had an "important" job. There was a time when I couldn't get rid of them, hoping I get back into an office. But after 10 years in this job, I've accepted that times have changed, I have changed, I will probably never wear that size again, those clothes won't look good on my older body, and styles have changed. Some clothes were looking a little tired and I can move on a bit easier.

I have to admit I couldn't have done this chore by myself. Jp is a very good helper when it comes to assessing clothes. And I find it's good to get support when trying to clean out clothes closets, don't you?

So my New Year's resolution to reduce my purchases of clothes and magazines, should help keep my closet this way for a while. (At least until I bring in my spring/summer wardrobe, and then I'll have to purge again!)

In the mean time, look at all the extra hangers I have! Decluttering guru Peter Walsh would have been happy.
Oh, and did you know that it's National Clean Out Your Closets Month? (I found this out after I cleaned out my closet)


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow you were busy! Good for you for purging, it always feels good to get rid of stuff you don't need or use anymore. :)))
I just did my yarn stash & gave 2 big bags to my mum for her knitting group- whew!

My Little Corner said...

Oh wow! That's so nice of you to give them to her group - I bet they'll love that!

I'm not really happy about the clothes going, but happy with what I'm left with - access to the things I do have!

Pam@GoRetro said...

Nice cleaning job! It always feels good to clean out old items at the beginning of a new year. Thanks for stopping by my blog over the weekend - hope you are having a good week! Love your blog's graphics.

Carol Browne said...

Good call! Excellent Feng Shui. Out with the old and in with the new.