Friday, January 01, 2010

Day 1

Oh man! I came back from walking the dog this morning and I couldn't get my computer to start. Bah! When I have managed to get it running (for about 8 minutes at a time), it appears the data is still there. I think I've got a mechanical issue, maybe an internal power supply problem. I'll have to get someone in to look after this for me, I just can't do this kind of stuff. So much for going gangbusters catching up on work or emails etc. I am determined to not let it get to me, I'll take it one step at a time, call the repair technician and accept it. No more swearing or slamming things.

And you know what else? I spend 5 hours in my office/work room yesterday trying to tidy things up and I don't think I made much progress at all. But two good things came of it. One, I was wanting to get a new purse and when I did my tidying up, I found a purse I bought last year that I had forgotten about completely, so that can be crossed of my list. And the second good thing was going through a couple boxes of yarn, it's good to go through your stash every so often. I removed the yarn from the boxes and put them in large clear plastic storage bags so I can see them better. Which will help with my resolution to not buy any new craft supplies this year.

What a year it's been! Already!


Carol Browne said...

Happy New Year! I was just thinking of you and planning my first day back to work wardrobe - the pretty scarf you gave me for Christmas! I can't wait to get on the bus with my cozy made-by-a-pal-scarf on.

Ew. Did I just say I can't wait to get on the bus? I totally didn't mean that. Heh. But wearing the scarf? Totally. :-)

My Little Corner said...

Ah shucks, thanks Carol. I'm so glad you enjoy it and it will keep you warm I'm sure!

You're right, bus riding is not fun, I feel for you girlfriend!