Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A message from a coffee cup

One day last week, I was wandering around Vancouver Airport waiting for Jp's flight to land so the kid and I played around in the book store (I love new books) and then wandered through some of the other shops. In one store I saw this message on a coffee cup "Do what you love, Love what you do".

Not a new phrase, I know. But it really got me thinking. First I was kinda sad, because I don't do either - not for the majority of the day. And then I started to think about what I could/should do. I heard David Foster in an interview recently say that if you didn't work Saturdays, you didn't like what you did. Hmm, maybe being self employed or having a chance for a promotion would also change my thinking about working on a Saturday. In his context, his work is so much also his passion that he 'works' all the time.

I think I should hang that message in front of me while I work, so I can think about it some more. In 10 days I'll have been working at the same company, and in almost the same position for 10 years (10 YEARS!) and although I am grateful to have a job, I would also like to move on to try something new. A change is as good as a rest don't ya know. Maybe I could do something I loved.


Big Girl Feet said...

You *can* do something you love! You don't need to quit your job right away either, just work on your passion a bit every day and soon, it'll take over. Baby steps! Keep moving forward, you can do it!!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks! I've been trying that, but maybe I don't have enough confidence in what I can do or I just am not putting enough effort into it.

Big Girl Feet said...

Whatever you're doing towards your goal is a step towards it right? Keep at it, every small step is a step in the right direction! And make sure you tell everybody about what you want to do- put it out there & it'll happen! I never thought I'd ever leave my last job but here I am! And you are way more business savvy than me- you can do anything you want to do...!

Carol Browne said...

Dood, me, too! I've been at my job 10 years this month. It's crazy. Yes. Crazy. We can do it!

LOLS - my spam filter word is "beg later".

My Little Corner said...

Oh bless your hearts both of you - thanks so much for believing in me.

I will work on this for sure!

'beg later' is funny all right!