Friday, January 22, 2010

The New Heights

So the other day I had some higher heels on (that's a big deal because I work from a home office) when I went to the bathroom. (don't worry, it's not potty humour - I don't think).

Being a tallish person (is 5'10" tall? not anymore it seems) with heels, my thighs were in a negative position to my knees when I finally reached the seat and I wondered - when are we going to make higher toilets? And for that matter, how about some higher kitchen counters? And with all the talk of people getting bigger and fatter and car seats getting bigger - will manufacturers start increasing the size of toilet seats?

What else should be higher/bigger/stronger in our houses?

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Big Girl Feet said...

LOL! I have that same problem!
Bathtubs should definitely be longer and deeper, stair treads wider, and other than inhouse, seats on the bus/skytrain/airplanes need more leg room and body room!