Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Dog

Saturday was Eco's birthday and so I took her for a nice walk at the local duck/salmon park. There was no one there so I decided I'd give her a little off leash time (it's allowed). We followed the trails and she did very good keeping an eye on me. At one point the trail made a sharp curve and Eco decided to make a shortcut by the water. Then all of a sudden.... SPLOOSH! She jumped in and was swimming!

She was so happy. Once she was wet, well then what was the harm in letter her try a couple more times? But the water wasn't exactly the clean, clear, crystal mountain we're used to - it was ducky water. So the moment we were back at the house it was bathtime for her. She was much better in the tub this time. In fact, she's pretty good at all the stuff now - nail trimming, teeth brushing. She takes it all in stride. The only thing she's not good at is getting out of the back of my two door car, she has no problem jumping out of Jps 4door, so we'll have to work on that a bit.

I can barely remember her 10 months ago when she only weighed 9lbs, today she's 57 pounds! Time sure flew by!

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Big Girl Feet said...

Happy birthday to Eco!!