Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break (for who?)

Last week, Jp had to be out of town, so the kid and I drove him to the airport. It was the kid's spring break so it was going to be just me and him for a couple of days. He promised "you won't even know I am here." But I did. How can I not? He was happy, he was silly, he played with Eco - a lot - the poor dog must really be missing him now that he's back at school. It was all good.

On Friday, I supervised while he made butterscotch chip cookies. This is the first time, he's baked  by himself - everything  by himself, except I took the cookie sheets from the oven. He measured and mixed everything. He even cracked the egg. I just stood by and gave verbal instructions and passed him the ingredients to be measured.

After the baking was done, we headed to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond for a trip to Daiso, CandylandVoodoo Palace (where he scored 4 dolls for the price of 2- including this voodoo dog because it reminded him of Eco) and Gacha Gacha which sells toys in vending machines that you needed tokens for. He said that was the first time he enjoyed shopping. And then raced to the airport to pick up his dad who was just getting his luggage when we walked in. He was so awestruck by the mall and the people, it was such a new experience for him.

So the kid got a bit of an adventure and had lots of fun new candies to try out - mochi, and cola Chupa Chups and little Hello Kitty marshmallows, plus a whole bunch more. I should have taken a photo and a bunch of it's already gone!

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