Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Bad News and the Good News

Friday night I received an email telling me that my yoga studio was closing at the end of April. I was very sad. I really liked the people, the instructors, the environment, the energy. What was I going to do now, go to the Rec Centre where it's smelly and loud and just not the same? (okay, maybe not the first two, but it is definitely not the same).

I decided to ask people in my Saturday morning class where they were going to go. Many thought the Rec Centre was their only option too, then our instructor came in and told us that she was going to offer classes in her house  - the same classes that I was taking! But she only had room for 6 people, and it was first come, first served. I tried very hard not to think about it during my class but I really wanted to be one of the six.

After class, I got in my car and started to drive home but decided I couldn't wait any longer, so I pulled the car over and wrote her an email from my Blackberry, right then, right there -  that I wanted to be on her list!

The good news - I'm in! Yay!


Big Girl Feet said...

Yay! Hey I didn't know you were doing yoga! Is it the place near bottom of Hurd (I think that's where it is..?)

My Little Corner said...

Well yes and no, she moved out of there in November, and then it was on 1st....