Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since my last post, I went to Seattle for 4 days for a work conference. We had to leave Eco at a kennel which I had hoped would be a great time for her, but when I picked her up, she looked sick - she was sick. I took her to the vet later that day and confirmed she had a UTI (it was really nasty) plus a different foot was now sore (from playing on the river rock in their outdoor pens). The UTI was not necessarily the fault of the kennel as apparently it's not uncommon for stress to bring them on (just like us).

She's been on anti-biotics ever since and she's looking and acting a lot better. She was feeling so well in fact that she's been tearing through the yard - and along the way the damaged nail from several weeks ago came off. Now the soft part is exposed (and bleeding) so her foot is being bandaged for a few days plus she has to wear a cone on her head. I just want my healthy dog back. Poor thing. 

Sunday was our 1 year anniversary with Eco- the day we brought our 8 week puppy home, our little 9 pound puppy that slept on the armrest on the drive home. Now she's 57 pounds and only one leg would fit on that same armrest. My how time flies! I miss the cute little puppy-ness, but I don't miss those dang puppy teeth!

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