Saturday, May 15, 2010

I said I wasn't going to...but I did

Yah, yah, I'm a liar.

I said I wasn't going to do anything in the garden. I said I was just going to do containers up high out of Eco's way, but I did and I didn't.

Yesterday I picked up a variety of annuals and a bunch of veggies and planted the veggies in the ground like I said I wasn't going to - Why? Well I bough some seedling corn plants and I just didn't think they'd do so well in  a pot. I also bought seedling celery - I've never tried that before - never even THOUGHT of growing celery - so I'll give that a whirl.

And then I made my second mistake - to allow a young, water-loving Labrador in the yard with newly planted gardens while I watered. Of course the dog went crazy chasing the water and jumped right on top of those new corn seedlings! Crazy thing!What was I thinking!?

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