Monday, May 31, 2010

Thrifty Crafty Shopping

On Saturday I had a great time shopping with Cynthia and Carol; please check their sites for an account of the crafty shopping day. It was a lot of fun as we always find something creepy or weird to laugh at in the thrift stores - this time it was weird 70's fashion made from bedsheets, or a whole bunch of doll parts, or strange clown crafts.

The only bad thing? I broke my Craft Challenge 2010. I was not supposed to add anything to my stash this whole year and was only supposed to spend $20. Well then I saw the gorgeous Noro Kureyon yarn and it was all over - almost 5 times over the limit! Dang crafty friends enabling me!

BUSTED !!!! I can just hear the game show buzzers telling me to leave the stage. I only made it 5 months. Well just like any challenge, I shall get back on the horse and start over. $20 limit from now until December 31st.

I plan on making the Entrelac Scarf with the Noro Yarn -but I've never tried Entrelac before, so first I'm working up a swatch with some old acrylic before I dive into the good stuff. But I really want to dive in with the good stuff!


Anonymous said...

$20 limit from now until December 31st.

no no no.
You spent your $20.
The balance to the end of the year is 0$.



Carol Browne said...

Entrelac? I just checked it out. It will be amazing, for sure. I love how it looks. You are a much more adventurous knitter than I am. Entrelac looks intimidating to me!

Thanks for being the best thrifty tour guide ever.

Big Girl Feet said...

It was a total awesome day- I love shopping with you guys and you rocked as our tour guide!
I think you have done amazingly well thus far not spending anything so this is your halfway thru the year award- that's my story, I'm sticking with it! And! You got your knitting bag for free so that must count or something right!?

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Carol and Cynthia - so very kind of you. I made it 5 months, that's not so bad I guess - I just gotta get back up on the horse.

Under There - you must have an accounting background! Yes, you're right, I should have a zero allowance for the remainder of the year.

Carol - Don't think of anything in knitting as intimidating - it's all just knitting or purling. My test swatch is coming out pretty good, so I'm sure you can do it too!