Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My brother recently sent a nice message to my mom about some fountain pen ink he had and a story about how us kids would clean up our night-table drawers on a rainy day - except we basically didn't throw much away, we would just re-organize. This reminded me of something I just came across.

On the May long-weekend, I went through my office/work-room and got rid of 4 bags of garbage, 5 bags of recycling and about 7 bags for the thrift store. I am definitely a sentimental sort - but decided I could finally throw away the ripped vinyl pencil case I'd had since about Grade 4. In it were these erasers which I had cherished as a kid:

Oh, how I loved anything to do with animals and I loved the googly eyes. I loved them so much that I even repaired them with staples. There are some dark blue ones that were used to 'erase' ink - before White-Out was available to everyone - most of the time, they just tore a hole in your paper. These sad erasers are now a memory only - as I finally got rid of them. I know many of you Feng Shui type people are laughing at me because not only would you have gotten rid of them by Grade 5, you would NEVER have taken a photo of them - or even wrote one word about them - am I right? Oh well, I got you -  because you just spend 2 minutes reading about my erasers!


Big Girl Feet said...

Awwww! I remember having one of those!! And you got rid of them- awwww!

My Little Corner said...

oh don't make me feel bad now!!!!!

Carol Browne said...

I love the one with the head stapled on. Ha! Bye, bye erasers! It was a good time AND a long time. :-)

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Carol - see? I've always been a resourceful kid! Stapling the head on my dog eraser!