Friday, June 25, 2010

The Comeback

Yesterday Eco had surgery on her foot. She had a growth between her toes that was rather odd looking. And from the time I first took her to the vet, one week ago and the day of the surgery it had grown fairly fast. It is odd for a dog who's only 15 months old to have something like this, but not completely unheard of. The vet couldn't name it, other than it was a 'benign growth' and it was sent off to the lab for a biopsy - we'll get the results in about 5 days.

Poor Eco was so out of it when we picked her up yesterday.  But all the girls who work at the vet are so wonderful, some of them even cuddled with her when she was coming out of the anesthetic.

By this morning, Eco looked like her normal self again. No more 'stress dandruff' and she had her normal bright eyes again. She even wanted to play ball - which I can't let her do. She's on pain killers so she probably doesn't really know how bad her foot hurts. It was a big piece that was taken out with 10 stitches on each toe. The vet had to removed the webbing between those two toes, so there have been plenty of jokes about how she'll swim after this (in circles, like a row boat with one oar)

Here she is with two of her favourite toys, but I had to make her come inside because I don't want her tearing her stitches. The patch on her front leg is where they shave her for the IV and she's wearing a sock to protect her bandage. Yesterday it was a sock with cats on it, today it's a sock with dogs - how fashionable!(And don't laugh at my lawn - that's what you get with a lab puppy!)

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Big Girl Feet said...

Awww Eco!! sending her wishes to heal up fast & be back to her usual self in no time!