Sunday, June 27, 2010


No one wants to read negative stuff on blogs - unless you're a really good writer and then people enjoy it - don't you find?

So stop reading right here.

Okay, I warned you ... I'm going to say it....I am feeling like c-r-a-p! I have a big ol' body ache, and I can't figure out why unless it's the beginning of a flu - anyone know anyone with a flu that starts out with massive headaches and body aches, but no fever?

So, I'm just laying around, whining about my body hurtin'  - good thing you're not at my house this weekend. And it's a good thing the weather's crappy, cuz then I'd also be whining about all the fun stuff I should be doing!

Sorry about that folks.


Big Girl Feet said...

Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon!!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks, me too!

bodalorna said...

That sucks. Feel better!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Lorna! I'm trying