Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to Mad Men

Yippppeeeeeee!! Season 4 of Mad Men opened last night. Very interesting indeed. "Who is Don Draper?" was the mini-theme of the night. Yes, Don seems to be falling apart a little bit. And I really expected to see Sal (the creative director) at the new firm. Don and Betty's kids seem to be playing a more important role in defining their parents characters. More details of the show here and here. This season starts in 1964 which I'm a little sad about as decor and fashions are changing and I really loved the 50's styles that the show started out with. Styling aside, it was very good episode.

Do you watch it and what do you think of it?


Carol Browne said...

Loved it! And something about Don Draper finally losing his sh*t was totally intriguing to me. I thought he would never lose his cool. That show is awesome.

And, Happy Belated Birthday to you. I was sure it was the 28th! GAH. But it was Friday. I hope you had a great day!

Also, please get on to facebook, so this never happens again, okay? Thanks!

My Little Corner said...

Oh thanks Carol. Yes, the show was great and thanks for the birthday wishes. I really don't think I'll be on Facebook anytime soon though.