Thursday, July 01, 2010

Feelin' Better

Thanks for the well wishes, I am feeling better. I really am not sure if I had some weird 48 flu type thing or what it was but my back has been getting better and I didn't take one Advil or Tylenol yesterday - that's a good thing. I'm hoping that I can get some crafty things done, especially since I have July 1 - 6 off from work - which is great because I only used 3 vacation days to get six days in a row off!

Eco's foot is mending well, the bandages came off on Tuesday, now she's just left with a sock on it to keep things clean and dry. She'll go back to the vet next Tuesday to see if we can take the stitches out. She put dissolving stitches in knowing that Eco has such sensitive toes, and she may not be able to take all the stitches out. I'm glad she's healing well, and soon won't have to wear the awful cone - which she allows me to place on her head. This is a big deal because some dogs absolutely refuse to wear the cone and they give their owners a terrible time. Eco has been a little sweetheart through it all - cone wearing, her foot being bagged when she's outside, no daily walks - just daily tummy rubs and some extra treats.

Hope you're having a great Canada Day Weekend too!

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