Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kitchen Facelift

We spent the day taking the doors off all the kitchen cabinets, stripping the old paint, sanding and applying new paint. It doesn't sound like much but that was the whole day for 2 of us. Tomorrow we'll paint the backs and on Monday we'll give a second coat to the doors. And then we can put them all back!

My hands are a bit achy from the painting, so I'm not so sure if I'll pick up my knitting needles tonight - I'm just working on a stockinette stitch sock with a variegated winter wool. (photos to come).

In the mean time - hey sock knitters - check out this new book - One Skein Wonders for Sock Yarn! I think that is very awesome!

First I need to paint a few more things in my house before the rain and winter begins to set in, and then I can resume knitting up a storm!


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow that's a huge job especially to be done in one day! What colour did you do? I bet it looks awesome!!

My Little Corner said...

It actually took about 4 days to do, by the time all the coats of paint was done. White doors. And yes, it does look pretty good, now to paint the walls next!